To aid in taking stock of status and to come up with suggestions for further efforts in HEU minimization, three working groups have been established on topics of importance in HEU minimization:

  • Working Group 1 on HEU Research Reactor Conversion and Technological Advances
  • Working Group 2 on HEU Removals and Disposition
  • Working Group 3 on Radio-Isotope Production

The working groups will be chaired by the Republic of Korea, Argentina and the Netherlands respectively. The working groups will review progress and status on HEU minimization, but importantly also suggest solutions or recommendations for further efforts in each of the three areas. A Joint Working Group Meeting took place in Vienna in February 2018.

Each of the working groups will produce a document which outlines the technical, legal, political and financial challenges of HEU minimization, and present their results at the Symposium.

Relevant documents will be uploaded here before the Symposium.

Terms of Reference to be downloaded here. I
WG1 Deliverable prepared by the Republic of Korea I
WG2 Draft Deliverable prepared by Argentina I
WG3 Deliverable prepared by The Netherlands

Chairs Summary final 7 June I
David Huizenga, NNSA, United States I
Oleg Patarakin_ROSATOM I
Zhihua Dong, MFA China I

Speech at HEU Symposium_Ole Harbitz I
National Statement, France I
Hubert Foy, Africsis, Ghana I
Irma Arguello, NPS Global, Argentina I
Marek Migdal, National Centre for Nueclear Research, Poland I
National Statement, Czech Republik I
HEU Minimization Symposium Plenary Remarks Speech_Huizenga_June 5 2018 I
Erik Wilson, ANL, United States I
Erlan Batyrbekov_National Nuclear Center of the Republic of Kazakhstan I
Mark Alexander, ANSTO, Australia I
National Statement, Australia I
Kevin Charlton, OECD/NEA I
Hironobu Unesaki, Kyoto University, Japan I
Andrea Borio di Tigliole, IAEA I
Jeff Chamberlin, NNSA, United States I
James McKenna, Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd I
Frodo Klaasen, NRG, the Netherlanbds I
Laura S.H. Holgate, NTI I
Vlastimil Juricek, Research Center REZ Chech Reblublic I
National Statement (Japan) I
National Statement, Republic of Korea I
Yusuf A. Ahmed and Sunday A. Jonah, Centre for Energy Research and Training, Ahmadu Bello University, Nigeria I 
Senlin Liu, China National Nuclear Corporation I
Winifried Petry, FRM-II, Germany I
Pavel Podvig, International Panel on Fissile Materials I
National Statement Hungary I
Jong Man Park, KAERI, Republic of Korea I

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